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The winter season in Himachal begins from October . By October the sky is clear and morning and evenings are bracingly cold. Humidity is  low. Morning and evening in the valleys are very cold. Snowfall occurs in the higher hills generally in December and January and occasionally  it may be experienced earlier or later. The average snowfall is about three meters and lasts from December to March. Above 4.500 meters  perpetual snow. By the end of February temperature begins to rise slow. 
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Himachal Pradesh Photo Gallery
Waterfalls Photo Gallery of  Himachal Pradesh
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Total Waterfalls : 12
Chhoera Waterfall at Solang (Manali)
Jogni Waterfall (Bahang) (Manali)
Waterfall at Kokhsar (Lahaul)
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Waterfall near Shanag-Goshal
Waterfall at Raison (Kullu)  
Jaind Nallah Waterfall (Vashisht) (Manali)
N/W-0007	SN-001007/3281171   N/W-0008	SN-001008/7187734 N/W-0009	SN-001009/99250001
Jaind Nallah Waterfall (Vashisht) (Manali)
Waterfalls at Kothi (Manali)
Sharti Waterfall (Near Hanogi, Mandi)  
Rahla Waterfall
Waterfall near Chanderkhani Pass
Waterfall near Sisu
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